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 ShoreMaster's hydraulic lift represents the most advanced technology available. It's quick, quiet operation will lift your boat out of the water in seconds. With the optional key chain remote, it's as easy as pushing a button.

 The hydraulic cylinders are filled with a biodegradable oil making the ShoreMaster hydraulic lift environmentally friendly. Solar Panels are used to keep the battery fully charged. When returning after dark, you can use the remote control to illuminate the lift and the handy locking mechanism protects your boat while you're away.

 An attractive cedar control box houses the self-contained power source and is shown with optional solar panel charger.

 Inside the box you will find a neatly packaged hydraulic pump and 12 volt battery. With 12 volt power there is no need to have expensive power run to your dock, just use the reliable solar panel to keep your battery fully charged. If 110V power is available, an AC charger can be used as a stand alone unit.

 Marine proven chrome plated heavy duty hydraulic rams provide fast and quiet operation while adding stability to the lift insuring safe moorage of your boat. Simply push a button to raise and lower your lift with the remote control option. Remote package comes with two key chain remotes.

Vertical lift Models and Specifications
  Model Weight Capacity Inside Width Lift Height Actual Weight
  4000H 4000 lbs. 108" 48" 450 lbs.
  6000H 6000 120 48 500
  8000H 8000 120 48 550

Warning: Dry boat weights are often understated by the manufacturer. Also, they do not include gas, gear etc. Weigh your boat fully loaded to get accurate weight. Warranty is void if the lift capacity is exceeded.

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