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 Owning waterfront property is the boater's ideal. But if you leave your boat in the water, it will be subjected to corrosion, little beasties that want to make their home on your hull and the bumps and bruises that come with natural wave action. The only solution is to unfloat your boat with a Shoremaster boat lift.  For the ultimate in boat mooring and protection, rely on ShoreMaster. All ShoreMaster boat lifts feature aluminum welded construction throughout for strength and durability. No heavy steel cradles or parts that can rust with age. This provides for lightweight, maintenance free operation.


 Choose from the four options above.Vertical, hydraulic, cantilever, personal watercraft lifts, and accessories are your options to choose from. Each has it's own unique solution for your boating needs. We also feature a list of all the add-on accessories that you might want to consider. If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales office during normal business hours.

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