Frequently Asked Questions

How do you size brackets? The brackets size is determined by the inside measurement of the galvanized pipe.

What are some of the advantages of a perma-dock? Perma-Docks are used on lakeshores from coast to coast: from modest to the most luxurious lakeshores. They're rugged, extremely practical, and least expensive of any of the prefabricated or sectional piers on the market. If any dock will work on your lakeshore, a Perma-Dock will. They are assembled and disassembled with the greatest of speed and ease. Why? Because there are so few component parts. And by using regular standard pip, with Perma-D Brackets, "exacting"lengths and "positions" are not required. (You may either purchase the Super Dock pre-Cuprinoled assembled dock sections, or nail deck sections together with lumber purchased locally and purchase the Super Dock Galv. steel pipe, or pip may be obtained locally.)

How should the pipe length be measured?
1. Allow 1' to 2' for driving pipe into the lake bottom.
2. Add estimate depth of water at each end of dock section.
3. Allow approximate 1' for height of dock above water.
4. Allow additional 1' to 3' above dock, to adjust for possible rise in water.

Are base brackets always necessary?
Usually not. They are most commonly used in conditions where a firm layer exists above a mucky lake bottom. (We call it a false bottom.) In such cases, the pipe is quickly driven through the top layer, and then, "just seems to keep on going." By tightening a base bracket approximately 1' from the bottom of the pipe, and then driving down, the base brackets rests on the firm layer, giving a solid foundation to the dock. The Perma-D base brackets are large(10" in diameter) for plenty of holding support, and have holes in them to alleviate suction when removing.

Must the Perma-Dock be removed in the fall?
Because the Perma-D dock is so simple to put up and take down, we recommend disassembling in the fall, especially where severe ice conditions exist, such as in most northern lakes. Ice flow and shifting ice can do a great deal of damage to almost anything. Where lake ice is not a problem, year-round dock installations are certainly possible.











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