Rafts are a popular way to provide fun and relaxation for all ages. We offer our custom built floats with alluminum or wood framing as well as cedar or vinly decking.

We also sell ShoreMaster polyethylene swim rafts in the size of 7.5' x 9.5'. It features a non-skid deck surface, polystyrene core, three year limited warranty, and is available in grey, yellow, and purple. In weights a mere 300lbs which makes for an easy install and removal each season. It also has reflectors on each side to prevent boats from getting to close.

All our floats are available with or without ladders. For more information on the many options available send us an e-mail.

If you are interested in learning how to build a raft on your own go to our do it yourself section to see how. We have all the hardware and plans needed.


















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